Travis Walton Abduction

Travis Walton is an American logger who claimed to be abducted by aliens in the mid-1970s, and is still one of the most credible UFO encounter stories. With Travis and six of his logger friends; Dwayne Smith, John Goulette, Allen Dallis, Steve Pierce, and Mike Rodgers passing the polygraph tests with one that was proven inconclusive. The incident became a national talking point as a result and Travis Walton along with the other six witnesses receiving a $5000 reward for “the best UFO case of the year”.
On the 5th of November 1975, seven loggers working on the northeastern Arizona’s Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest encountered a UFO on their way back from the woods. All of the witnesses were riding in a single pickup truck when they claimed to have seen a mysterious flattened object hovering above them. My friend over at gutter cleaning Alpharetta Ga recommended that i see this movie and read the story. It was reported that Walton was captivated by the sight and alighted the truck to investigate, in the process of examining the object, a bright light hit him and pushed him downwards. His companions were panicked by the sight of what happened to Travis and took off, running for their lives. They eventually decided to go back and rescue their friend after a moment of deliberation but found no trace of Walton or the flying object at the site of the crash. The six witnesses searched the surrounding woods for their friend and called the authorities when their efforts proved futile.
They met with the sheriff and went back to the woods with some officers and after searching till sunset they decided to call off the search till the next day. The police, by then had begun to consider the case a murder investigation as the witnesses’ story seeming idiotic. All six members of the crew were questioned along with family members, and the police thought that Travis had a spat with one of his coworkers and he was eventually murdered in the fracas with his colleagues electing to cover-up the crime. They insisted on all six of the men taking a polygraph test to which all of them agreed, they all passed the lie detection test conducted by an expert in the field, Doctor Cy Gilson with the exception of Allen Dallis whose examination was unable to assign a reading and therefore made inconclusive.
Walton appeared six days later, naked, dehydrated, confused and scared. He claimed to have fleeting recollections of what happened during his abduction, he was also subjected to a lie detector test only for him to pass it much to the surprise of the vast members of the public already monitoring the fascinating incident. His story would lead to a nationwide review of the UFO phenomena. He said he was experimented on by strange bald beings who studied him for days and subjected him to different traumatic and horrific experiences. Even though his story was dismissed by a majority as a cleverly concocted hoax, Walton published his experiences in a book titled “The Walton Experience” in 1978 and it gained critical acclaim and even inspiring the 1993 movie, “Fire In The Sky”.